About GBI

The history & advantages of Gambo Industry



2003S Gambo Industry founded, as a metal products manufacturer mainly supply to domestic buyers.

2009S Gambo Industry began to explore overseas markets.

2016S Ningbo Gambo Import & Export Co., Ltd founded, focus on casting products, brass extrusions and auto spare parts, depend on our factory powerful production capacity and our excellent supply chain systems, we have established long-team business relationships with customers in over 20 countries and regions. More than 2800 types of products are developed and exported annually.



We know that the essentials for lasting business relationships are Price, Quality and Delivery, along with prompt friendly customer service, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to be best supplier.

  • Price

Our own factories and long-term partners have a very mature cost control system.Therefore, we are able to quote competitively.

  • Quality

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system started long before your request for a quote and goes beyond the delivery of the products. Our QMS manual is available at your request.

  • Delivery

Our unique order tracking system with daily production meetings with key personal, enables us to keep track of every order we receive to prevent any time delays.

  • Service

Over 12 years of service experience, our teams are always online to serve you.


For more information on one-stop solutions we provide or if you'd like to discuss your projects, contact us or request for quote.